Monday, October 14

Sunday market buys...

It was such a beautiful fun day yesterday...
...I went Sunday market shopping with my DIL....usually not my thing to do, but we had such a great time, I could get addicted to market shopping...
DIL found some great buys, this quilt walling hanging was one item of many that she found and was thrown in the batch for free...
...doesn't get better than that... quilt hanger and all....
DIL was thrilled bits...♥
This chest / box my son found on roadside pick ups.....
It's in great condition, very clean inside...have no idea how old it is. look at the amazing embossed leather.
As DS didn't want it he gifted it to's not as big as it looks here, but will hold some smaller quilts...♥
..and this is my find.
DS has a big O birthday next year. He loved the  Matchbox cars as a little boy. I used to bring him one home every time I went shopping. To this day he has always loved cars, even owns a vintage 1961 Holden ute.
Well when I thought he had outgrown the little cars I gave them away....was not a good idea!
So I'm collecting a few to give him on his big O birthday.
I found these at the market yesterday. Matchbox cars of Yesteryear.
Originals made in England  by Lesney
I picked up all in great condition..
 Model Y1...Model T Ford.
Model Y2...Prince Henry Vauxhall
Model Y4....1909 Opel Coupe
So now I'm on the hunt for Yesteryear Model # 3
Would you happen to have one?
There are many more in this series, but this is a good start...
Hope you had a great weekend....
We are promised a gorgeous warm sunny day here..spring is a long time coming!


  1. Great finds make for great fun!! Thanks for sharing the bounty with us. Wish I had a few matchbox cars to send your way, but we made the boys take theirs when we moved to FL. There were two big bags full of those crazy things!! Please let us know how your DS likes his gift!!

  2. what a wonderful day out with your DIL. Great finds. I can see why you were pleased.

  3. Nice stuff! I love that trunk! :0)

  4. Wonderful finds Julia. Can't believe that chest was discarded, but lucky for you it was.

  5. Wonderful finds Julia. Can't believe that chest was discarded, but lucky for you it was.


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