Friday, October 18

Fun quilts in my laundry...

Not much sewing going on here... I thought I would share some fun quilts hanging in my laundry.
Cute little quilts hanging on the line. Three dimensional sun flowers in the garden.
This is an oldie but a favourite...I made this one in 2001, sorry I can't remember who designed it.
I'm sure some of the Aussie bloggers would be familiar with this one.. 
I love this one too....oh dear "no label"...
..and this one..."nothing to wear but quilts...well it's almost like that at my house!
...and this cute wall hanging, it's not a quilt, but actual little fences with a garden and scarecrow..
My thoughts go out to those on the east coast who are going through a difficult time right now, with raging fires, quite a few homes are lost, and also there's been one loss of life.
Stay safe...


  1. Julia, these are darling. Don't you wish you had a clothes line. I miss having one.

  2. Really beautiful!!, I love it!!

  3. Very cute!! Unfortunately I haven't any wall space in my utility (laundry) room to hang anything.

  4. What wonderful laundry room decor! Might even make laundry less of a chore. : )

  5. Laundry day would be fun at your house Julia!

  6. Your laundry must look gorgeous with all these cute wall hangings to brighten it up...

    The fires over East are just sew tragic....

  7. Those are all so cute!! Your laundry room must be three times the size of mine! What a great collection to have on display...makes doing laundry a lot more fun!

  8. Why not have quilts in your laundry, they are so cute & something pretty to look at while working!

  9. Thanks I now have a new excuse to keep making wall hangings, just when I thought I had run out of wall space! Mind you our laundry is more of a cupboard then a room, but still it deserves decorations!

  10. Lovely little collection Julia.
    It seems way too early for bush fires.

  11. Quilts in the laundry. How cute but I don't have wall space for one. Well, maybe I could. I love the Rub-a-dub-dub one.


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