Tuesday, October 8

As promised..Laura's quilt info...

Just back from my Tuesday patchwork meeting..
..and as promised, here's the info on Laura's beautiful quilt that I posted last week...
As beautiful as this one in the book is, I really am drawn more to the colours Laura chose...
Interwoven Wonder by Robyn Williams...the clever placement of contrsting prints creates this gorgeous woven illusion...great man's quilt!
This is the Aussie quilting book it's in...dates back to 1997....just goes to show some quilts patterns never go out of style / favour...
This issue is Volume 4...Number 2...1997.
...and you know what, the cover looks very familiar...I think I  have that very same issue in my trunk of quilt books...pays to go through your quilt books sometimes...there's sure to be more gems like this in them..
Best of luck finding a copy

Thank you Laura for sharing your gorgeous quilt and pattern info with us.......♥
Another quilt top flimsy from Laura...
Until next time ...take care...♥


  1. Great stuff. I like Laura's quilt top, very pretty.

  2. Love the quilt. Can't wait to see what you do with it. You gals in Australia are such an inspiration to me. Can't get enough of it.
    Love you all

  3. That quilt looks just like Weaver Fever by Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts here in the US. You can order the pattern from her website.

  4. The version I was thinking of was also "Weaver Fever" by Jackie Robinson, which I believe is made in strips. It's such a fun quilt when finished.

  5. Oh I wasn't even quilting back in 1997. Fabulous quilt and Laura's other quilt is great too

  6. Laura's quilt is lovely. Sometimes projects don't appeal only to resurface at another time and turn into great quilts. I know I have done that before. May have to go through my old mags again. Well done on the practice Julia, it is certainly paying off.

  7. Lovely work by Laura. That's why we keep all our books isn't it?


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