Friday, September 13

This and That...feathering, charm pack, SRE...

Yes, I've been feathering...
Sorry, it's a bit hard too see my feathering, but, I did it!
I think I did well....I have trouble back travelling, I guess I will get better with more practice and time....just need a label now and I can call this quilt finished..
I was gifted this lovely charm sampler pack quite some time ago....just didn't, know what to make with it, so I'm thinking perhaps another Dancing Nine Patch.
480 two and half inch squares, bigger than the 2 inch square in the original pattern, so the blocks would be bigger...
.....and the quilt will grow quicker...
There's the traditional and whimsy squares among the pack....I'll have a think on this one...
UFO...I came across this Silk Ribbon Embroidery, my other passion,  that I put away and forgot about.. pretty. I think, I'll border and back it with this lovely dusty pink fabric and make it into a cushion...
I know just the person I'd like to gift it too....
Have a wonderful weekend....stay safe...


  1. The quilt, feathers and the embroidery are beautiful.

  2. Good job on the feathering. Did you surprise yourself with how well you did? Backtracking is a challenge, isn't it? I go very slowly on that kind of feather. I make them at about a 21-25 speed. How about you?
    Love the beautiful silk ribbon roses. That will make a lovely cushion.

  3. Oh pretty stuff! Have you tried feathers that don't require you to backtrack? I did half a one on my recent customer quilt, they look very similar to your traditional feather, but there is no back tracking involved, some quilters find them easier.

  4. Gorgeous, a there will be a lucky receiver!

  5. Oh yum, Julia you will have lots of fun sewing with all the little squares!

  6. Love your charms - so fresh for spring, if it ever arrives, lol!

  7. Very pretty ribbon embroidery Julia and well done on the finish. I am sure that whatever you decide to do with all those little charm squares you will have it whipped up in a jiffy.

  8. Keep persisting with those feathers, you will be doing them with your eyes closed soon. Have fun with those cute little charm squares.

  9. What a treat to discover the lovely ribbon work heart. It's hard to believe it is a UFO. I'm sure it will be loved as a cushion.


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