Monday, September 30

Swinging '30's is a flimsy table topper..

This little pretty table topper was a delight to piece...
I decided to make my "Swinging '30's into a table topper, and get more use from it...
I have so many quilts folded away in cupboards, in a trunk and all over the house....really..
...the only room left is on the ceiling!
With spring when it finally gets here and summer B-B-Q weather , this pretty will get lots of use as an outdoor table topper...
I'm looking forward to give Sweet Susie another play....must keep up that practice!
Yep, still raining here...mother nature has lost her way...spring has missed us on the west coast and went straight to the east coast..
Enjoy your day...♥


  1. It looks great, I've just finished my first 1930's quilt and I love it. We have beautiful weather here at the moment but they are predicting 100km winds here later today, very unusual weather. Hope you get some sunshine soon.

  2. Gorgeous Julia - fresh and pretty!! Hugs.

  3. It looks great, Julia. You're not seriously going to allow it near food, are you?

  4. What a delightfully sweet table topper! I like the way the light path finds its way through the 30s fabrics.
    Monica's comment made me smile. I just gave a table topper to my sister-in-law and her daughter says she is paranoid about getting food on it and she should have it laminated. : )

  5. Looks like sherbet! So very pretty & sounds like it will have an important job!

  6. It will really cheer you up Julia and hopefully you will soon be using it for its purpose. It cheers me up looking at it.

  7. Winter weather returned here, but BOM has promised spring is returning for the weekend! Love your table topper, such pretty colours. One day when the kids are bigger I am going to aspire to a quilted table cloth...I haven't completely filled the beds and walls yet!

  8. Love your idea to use quilts as table covers. I'm going that way too.
    This dancing nine patch design is lovely.


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