Sunday, September 8

Quilting dancing nine patch...and sharing a friends quilt making.

How amazing is my quilting friend Desa's quilt looking!
Desa is making the "Blessing" quilt by Robyn Falloon.
Beautiful invisible applique.
Here Desa was auditioning fabric ideas for the be honest, at first I didn't think the floral fabric for the sashing suited....but just look here.
 I think her choice of the floral fabric pulls all the colours in the quilt together beautifully. The red fabric for corner stones.
Stunning vibrant colours to suit her colour scheme....making it very much her own.
Desa has decided to make it bigger, adding another row in length and width, so that it goes over the sides of the bed
Just beautiful Desa...♥
I managed to get some quilting done on my Dancing Nine Patch...just simple loops and hearts. A heart in every nine patch and meandering loops all over.
However, I think I will take a courageous scary step and quilt feathers around  the borders...I need to get out of my comfort zone....and just do it!
Have a great weekend....♥


  1. Both quilts are beyond beautiful.

  2. Your friends quilt is very striking! I never would have chosen those fabrics for sashing and cornerstones, but they work!
    Oh, good for you trying the feathers! I wish you well!

  3. Isn't Desa's 'blessing quilting stunning!
    You are going good with your nine patch quilt

  4. Your friend and you have wonderful taste in fabrics. Thanks for sharing you both inspire me.

  5. Desa has chosen lovely colours for her quilt. Good luck with the feathers! You can do it.

  6. I am sure your feathers will be fine Julia. I love your dancing nine patch in those colours

  7. Desa's work is just stunning! I hope she will let you blog a pic of the finished item...
    And yes, do those feathers, it's looking amazing... z

  8. Hope your feathers are flowing right out of your machine Julia! Your friend's Blessing quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  9. Good luck with those feathers, Julia! I think that will be a worthwhile skill to have. :) Maybe I will take some encouragement from your progress, lol.

    Thanks for the Dresden photos, I love that design!

  10. Love your dancing nine patch - I haven't seen that setting before. Very effective. Go for the feathers - I think you can do it. Hope you are well.
    Hugs - Shari


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