Monday, September 23

Owls and a new start...

How cute are this owls...
Doesn't the blue one really look like the wise old owl....depending where you place the eyes, you can get some funny, cheeky, or wise old owls.
These three together with the other two from last weeks post will get made into a cute baby mobile for my DIL's friends new baby due any time now.....♥
I don't usually like making more than one quilt the same, but I loved the scrappy rose Dancing Nine Patch so much, I thought I would slash my 1930's scraps and make another...
This time, I'm cutting the patches a little bigger...not by much that it takes away from the pattern, just a quarter inch bigger..
We have had  so much damaging wind and rain on going for weeks now, that it sure doesn't feel like spring.
Everyone's over it....come on spring!
Stay safe...♥


  1. i agree come on spring,love those very cute owls.xx

  2. Hello Julia,

    The owls are looking great, good idea to use them in a mobile. I agree with you, what happened to Spring. Our son had to pick up our daughter from the airport last night, he said his car nearly blew away. Maybe the weather is making up for the mild winter!

    Enjoy your time inside.

  3. Looking just a bit Modern Julia - will be fresh and gorgeous! Hugs.

  4. Those owls are adorable! A mobile is a clever idea for using them.
    The Dancing Nine Patch will be a good way to use up those 30s scraps--but remember that the scraps will multiply while you are not looking.

  5. Your owls are just super sweet, I love them. I have just made a felt and material mobile using owls and they are pretty cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. The cute owls will make a lovely mobile.
    Yes the weather has been wild and windy . Made for am
    N interesting drive home today.

  7. Gosh those owls are cute! Where did you get the pattern? I could see them as fun appliques as well. :)

  8. those owls have a personality all of their own!

    We are having some beautiful spring weather here at the moment, nice slight breeze and warmth in the sun.


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