Tuesday, September 17

Orphan blocks...and some more feathers...

Still practicing my feathering...
...I think I'm improving a little...still not perfect but improving..
...I find it easier to back travel up a feather than over the bump at the top of a feather.
My branching out is not too good here, but I'll keep working on it...tension is a big thing , each time I change threads, the tension needs adjusting too.
SS and I will be best friends one day soon....sigh!..♥
Orphan blocks...
I'm sure we all have them, here are a few of mine..
...not sure what to do with them...1930's raw edge circles..
....1800's repros...
The muslin background fabric was cut away from the back of my Vintage Dresden's.
Hate to waste it so I'm appliqing this flower on ...and will make more flowers to perhaps make a table topper or runner... 
...and I love these periwinkles....wish I could remember where this template is or where I got it from.
Hope your having a great week....until next time, happy sewing....♥


  1. Your feathers are looking good Julia..
    Have been reading some of your other posts..lots of lovely projects made by. Your quilting friends and you..
    Love the VW quilt.

  2. You are doing a method of feathers that I still struggle with. Looks good to me.
    I was taught to practice with the high contrast thread so that I could see my stitches, but many blog friends told me to go to a more matching thread and it would look better to me. They were right. Maybe you will want to move to a more neutral thread and see if you are happier with the feathers that way. But they are looking great!
    You have some fun orphan blocks. I put a bunch of random orphans together into a quilt top once. It was very busy, but DD#1 loved it. She is now the proud owner.

  3. Sounds like you are more than friendly with your sewing machine, Julia - dare I say you love it?! I was watching a demonstration of machine embroidery at our guild last week, and she made it look quite easy...NOT! But it did show me what could be done on my own machine if I find the courage to change the needle, drop the feed dogs and just have a go ;-)

  4. Your feathers look absolutely FABULOUS! They are quite inspirational and drool-worthy. :-)

  5. your feathers look great. I am still trying to get better at feathers too. Why don't you put the orphan blocks together and make a "kitchen sink" block quilt and give it to a chairity. I know someone who gets orphan blocks from people and she does that.

  6. Julia, don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing a marvelous job on your Feathers. Please come over to my house and teach me how to do that.

  7. I sure don't see anything wrong with the feathers. Amazing work!!

  8. Magic feathers! Amazing what the 3 P's do!

    I love all the blocks!


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