Monday, August 5

Practice, practice, practicing!!...Sweet Sixteen..

I'm trying to practice...really I am!
I don't know why, but I just have a thing about feathers....I so much want to do a nice feather, but I don't like to practice...I just want to do it!

I wasn't really 100% happy with Sweet Susie....well blaming Susie for my not being able to do nice feathers..but...'s me, I know it's me!
I went to a craft show over the weekend, and got to have a good chat with Michelle who sold me SS this time last year....I explained the trouble I was having with SS...of course when she told me what I was doing, it all makes sense..
Here is a video that explains the problem I was having....
So now I'm practicing, practicing and more practicing... 
I hope this helps anyone else out there in blogland that may have this same problem...
Thanks so much Michelle......♥


  1. Yes, I'm afraid practice is the answer....your feathers are looking great Julia.

  2. Very helpful video--with great advice -- and yes, practicing is the key. I don't have the TruStitch on my Sweet 16, unfortunately, but I still found the video interesting. Wish I did have it. Maybe some day. But so far I'm OK with the quality of my stitching--not impressed--but OK.
    Your feathers look outstanding, Julia !!

  3. I don't have TruStitch, either, but I found the video interesting.
    And I think your feathers are beautiful! You are doing great. Good for you doing the practicing. I know it isn't always fun and is often frustrating, but it does pay off! : )

  4. I think your feathers look great! Practice is the way to go. I found the video interesting. I had a go on that machine last year.

  5. I wouldn't know a bad feather from a good one, Julia! Yours look fine to me! I am not a quilter, or a seamstress. I just enjoy seeing your beautiful projects!

  6. Aha, it wasn't all you after all. I'm glad you found that valuable information. Your feathers are looking fine to me but I know where you're coming from.

  7. I think that your feathers are looking very good. Practice until you find your own rhythm and then don't be like me and stop for a year and then have to relearn everything again!

  8. I'll come back to the video soon. I've had my Sweet 16 for about 3 months now, and I'm afraid to use it! I joined a user group on Yahoo, and they talk so much about problems...... Soon, I just have to turn it on and practice practice practice.

  9. Your Feathers look great to me ..

  10. I WISH I could relate to this problem! It would be wonderful to own a SS for FMQing. I love making feathers, and create them as much as possible. I'm glad for you to have learned what your problem was.


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