Wednesday, August 21

New Project...scrap, stash busting..

I'm trying really hard to use up my stash and scraps of rose fabrics...
This new project is Dancing Nine Patches by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville ..great one for using up smaller pieces...and I love how off setting the lighter sashing gives it a stepping effect.
I knew I had some, but really when is it ever going to get used up. I last counted that I have already made at least  5 quilts from this rose fabric...including my last project the Diamond doona /duvet coverlet, a braid quilt, Spring Harvest, Dresden /dancing dollies and big trip around the world quilt just to name a few...
Piles of small leftovers...
...even cut up some 2 1/2 jelly strips...
...Bags of leftovers...
..even a tub full of leftovers and bigger border pieces... 
Note to myself.... I will never complain about the cost of fabric again...really when it stretches so far, to make so many quilts, that's top value for money.....when I tire of using the same fabric, I'll just buy some more !
Have a great day...happy sewing...♥


  1. I always marvel at your creativity. Love what you are doing with your scraps. Awesome.

  2. It looks really lovely.... Lots of florals on your stash

  3. Those scraps are looking very pretty. Bonnie Hunter has given us an Aladdin's cave of hints and ideas.

  4. Great how far your fabric is stretching. I am keen to start a new project too, I am actually getting some projects finished, do you think I deserve a reward with starting something new??

  5. This pattern is very fun--and it looks great in your rose fabrics with the light sashing. You are certainly getting a lot out of your rose fabric collection. : )

  6. What a beautiful & very clever way to use up those little pieces! Julia, you are going to make another pretty quilt!!

  7. So many yummy quilts but your scraps must be like mine, no matter how much I use, more just turn up!

  8. Just beautiful, I love your rose fabric. It looks like a cute pattern for your stash.

  9. So fresh and pretty! It helps that you make beautiful fabric selections, I love these soft floral prints ~


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