Thursday, August 1

Just a couple of bags...

I'm still hand quilting the Vintage Dresden's..It's such a very slow process...sigh!
I needed to make something that wasn't going to take too long, so I here's what I did with the red General's fabric that I had on hand...
...this pattern  is a bit tricky to put together, but it really does make a lovely shape bag....the side ties can be undone allowing  lots of room for stash shopping...a vintage button adds a lovely touch for the closure...
This bag is made up from a piece of tapestry remnant ...with a  lovely shiny  bronze coordinating fabric, and some tassel braid trim that was in my sewing room.
Here's a better close up picture ....
There's a craft show starting in town one of these bags will come in very handy....hmm which one should I take?
Hope your having a lovely week with some time to sew...♥


  1. the first bag, the colours & the shape!

  2. It took me a minute or two, but I recognise the pattern of the first bag!!! I made mine a year or so ago using Japanese fabrics, but yours looks wonderful using the French General fabrics!!!! I agree it is a very roomy little bag and I love the shape when the ties are done up on the side!!!!
    I do remember it was a bit tricky putting it together too LOL!!! Had a few brainsnaps trying to figure it out LOL!!!! Love your tassle bag as well, great use of that gorgeous tapestry fabric!!!!

  3. Lovely bags, each with its own character. Love that tassel braid.

  4. The first one is beautiful and the second one is a funny one, I think. Which one you take depends on how much you are going to put in the bag(or is there nothing to buy;)

  5. Super cute.The first one caught my eye!

  6. I'd take whichever bag holds the most, but they are both lovely, Julia. Nice work!

  7. I love bags, and have never seen either of these before. Love the look and love the fabrics you chose to use. Awesome!

  8. They are both gorgeous bags. I'm trying to make the most of the quilting weather, soon it will get too hot for me to have one on my lap. I'm cheering you on here.


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