Thursday, June 13

Unbirthday birthday party..2013...and some eye candy!

There's more partying than sewing going on here..
 These are my Sisterhood of Crafty Thimbles embroidery group of girls..
we have been together about 10+ years now.
Every year instead of having our birthdays spread out  throughout the year ... we celebrate our birthdays all on the same day. A fun day of laughs, chatter, food and of course a few bubbles!
From the left...Margaret, Jeannie, Sandra who was our lovely host for the day, Janet, Melanie and dear Pam.
we exchange presents and just have sewing that day!
we have been through births of new grand babies, weddings,  bereavement...sad times and happy times.
                            ...unfortunately one girl couldn't make it...thinking of you Golda!
                                                            Here's to next year girls...♥
From my Tuesday quilting group...are these two quilts ..
This quilt belongs to Sue. Well her husbands, as Sue made it for him. this quilt was displayed in our recent quilt show..
Aussies would know that it's of Ned Kelly... our famous Aussie bushranger in can read more about him here..
and a fun, colourful quilt by Desa...very similar to the one I posted a few posts back by Anne #2.
also reversible, but with a square in a square block quilt on the back / front..
As for me, I'm still hand-quilting and working on my Jane Austen coverlet....very slow going!
Have a great day...♥


  1. so good to see you all having fun and lovely show and tell.xx

  2. Hi Julia, It's wonderful to see all the smiles. What a blessing you are to each other. Love you.

  3. What a great idea to have a celebration for everyone at the same time! You just can't beat girlfriends.

  4. What a great crew, a nice idea to celebrate all birthdays at the same time!!!! That reversible quilt is amazing!!

  5. The unbirthday party looks like a blast! What fun!

  6. What a fun idea! I wish I still had a quilting group to enjoy like that.
    I can't believe the ambition of these two-sided quilts. I am lucky to have one side look good! : )

  7. What a lovely idea having one big birthday party! Looks like loads of fun. Very much in love with the green n pink quilt with stars and hexies!

  8. Happy UnBirthday to you all. Love the pink party table. Lovely quilts.

  9. Love the idea of your UnBirthday Party.Looks like you all had a great time..
    Lovely show and tell too.


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