Monday, June 17

Still quilting...this and that.

Not a lot of sewing happening here...where did last week go, another week already!
....very slow progress on the Dresden's, I'm slowly hand-quilting the cross-hatch background.
I'm wishing now I had done this in the Quilt-as-you Go method...this quilt is so big and heavy, turning it around takes a toll on my hands after quilting for a couple of hours.
Just a few hours after dinner in the evening is all I can manage... it's going to be sew sloooow!
Poor ole Jane's coverlet is slow going too...I may have to rethink this coverlet as I think I'm going to run out of the cream sashing fabric that I've had for some time....
...but for now I'll keep going and see how far I get with what I have..
This is a lot of work!
I may have to start something new...sigh...just need to work on something different for a bit..
I need a new hand project to take out to patchwork....hmm perhaps paper pieced stars!
Hope you have a lovely sewing week....♥


  1. I am so slow at hand quilting. But some things just need to be quilted by hand--and it will eventually be finished and be such a gorgeous treasure!
    Sounds like you have a good excuse for starting something new! : )

  2. Looks beautiful Julia. Small doses is good as it will eventually get done. Take care of those hands though. Knowing you now I expect you have something in your mind ready to play with.

  3. I'm sure you will be so pleased with the effort you are putting in at the end.......yes the end will come & you might miss it!

  4. I think paper pieced stars would be a great and portable project. My new travelling project is 4 1/4" (finished size) stars. Cut myself a set of templates and trying to use up smaller pieces of fabric. Love pairing the fabrics.

  5. Beautiful work (always!). I just don't have the patience for things that go so slow. I want fast results! LOL Quilting, cross-stitch...not for me, but I surely do enjoy seeing the work others accomplish. I just marvel at your talent!

  6. Your hand quilting looks gorgeous..
    The coverlet is growing nicely Julia. Can't you match up the cream?
    Hmm Stars would make a good hand project for you.

  7. The hand quilting looks amazing, well worth all the effort.
    The coverlet looks great hope you have enough fabric


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