Sunday, June 30

Julia's Coverlet..still growing!

Hi, can't believe it's been a week already since I last posted...
Well, this is all I've done in that week...this really is a lot of piecing and pressing as I go!
I'm nearly across the width I need for the coverlet....I'm thinking perhaps just 4 more strips!

Then, I'll gradually decrease the length of the strips along this right side from the bottom up till I have the top the right width needed.....phew!!
Well, one thing is for sure, I won't have too many rose fabrics left, this really is a big stash buster...
Hope your having a great's a gorgeous sunny day after a chilly cold morning here...
Take care...♥


  1. It's looking fabulous Julia!!!
    Persistance will pay off, and you'll be very pleased with the result!!!!

  2. I think it is looking so soft and romantic. Just lovely!

  3. Beautiful Julia - the colors are so peaceful and dreamy!

  4. julia it is looking fantastic,well done,love the colours.xx

  5. It is looking lovely Julia

  6. Very soft & pretty is the growing quilt!

  7. Still looks "Jane Austenish" to me. I think that you have achieved your goal coming from a different angle. Another lovely idea reaching fruition.

  8. Looks like everything is coming up roses in your world! Very pretty.

  9. What a lot of work, but it is gorgeous. Are you going to line the inside of the duvet cover , or just leave it?


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