Friday, June 21

Julia's Coverlet...

Unpicking my Jane Austen inspired doona / duvet cover wasn't so bad to unpick after all. Just a few hours under the air-con heating in the evening and it was done!
I'm so glad I did already I'm on my way to sewing the diamonds back together.
The first try, was very pretty, but I think this will work out just fine...My scrappy diamonds coverlet!
I'm also going about the piecing it in a different way.
 By starting in from one corner, with a side edge will be easier  to work with.
This way it will give  me an idea of how it's going as I work my way along, growing longer and wider  with each strip....♥
I thought I would share with you something very special to me...
This little case is over 60 + years is what my Dh had when he was sent out here to Australia as a child migrant.
It held all his meager belongings. It has his initials near the handle.
 I folk art painted the teddies.
I hope you have a lovely weekend...I'll be sewing diamonds together.
Take care...


  1. Love the diamonds and the case!

  2. Diamonds are a girls best friend...and these are no exception!! Gorgeous! Love the case too!

  3. It was well worth unpicking your Diamonds Julia as it is making you feel happier working with the duvet/donna cover.

    Your DHs little case is just gorgeous..

  4. I admit that I was a skeptic about unpicking your diamonds but now that I see them, I think they are more beautiful in their new setting!
    What a story that case must have to tell!

  5. I should have trusted your judgement, those diamonds are looking very nice.
    Lovely little case filled with memories.

  6. That is a lovely little case and quite a nice keepsake. Glad you got your project back on track, and that it wasn't so hard to do, after all.

  7. My heart breaks when I think of shipping my child half way off around the world to never see them again. I hope your DH had a happy time when he got here, because I know many were not so lucky. The diamonds look good. Its rain, rain, rain here, so definately a day for stitching inside!

  8. What a precious little box!!! It's great you still have it, and it can be passed down in the family!!
    Your reworking of your diamonds is looking good, I think you will be happier now that you have worked out a solution!!!!

  9. Your diamonds look lovely and what a talented painter.


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