Thursday, June 20

Jane Austen coverlet...rethink... take 2!

Well, after a few days of procrastinating and  thinking about what I was going to do with my Jane Austen inspired doona  /duvet cover...I decided to unpick what I've done so much as I hate to unpick..yep, bite the bullet and unpick,
The sashing was taking up more fabric than I had.   Knowing it's going to get laundered quite often....I really think there's too many seams for what I want to make.
I'll just sew the diamonds back together in strips...♥
While cleaning out my sewing room I found these hiding in the back of the cupboard...
I can't even remember when I pieced them...lovely fussy cut repro hexies.

Might be a good time to add to these...
This will be a nice take out project for Tuesday patchwork...
I feel like I've wasted most of this week...hope you had a lovely productive week..
Off to do some unpicking ...♥


  1. Oh Julia, so sorry to see that your coverlet did not work out as you hoped, and it was looking so good too. You will have to rename it the Julia Coverlet!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the hexagons... what a great find... x

  2. That must be very disappointing to have to do all of that unpicking, Julia. I admire your courage! : )
    Wow--what a find! Those blocks are gorgeous!

  3. we all go through these learning steps Julia,i remember a dressmaker telling me once that its good to make mistakes as it teaches you not to make them again ,hope that makes sense,i do love those hexies.xx

  4. Nothing wrong in admitting something isn't working. You took a brave decision to readjust it. I am sure plan B will work better for you. If not go to plan C. Love the hexes.

  5. Tough call, but I'm sure you will be happy in the end. Great hexie blocks, what a treat to find them!

  6. Gorgeous! Such lovely fabrics.

  7. The kind of beautiful work you do takes patience that I do not have. Rather than unpick, it would have gone in the trash! I surely do appreciate your talent....and patience!

  8. The coverlet was pretty with the sashing, but if you don't have enough of the fabric, I agree, you need a new plan. I ran out of sashing fabric on the very first quilt top I finished (still not quilted). I figured that since it's meant to be scrappy, I may as well make the sashing scrappy too. Mistake!

    Your fussy cut hexagons are beautiful. How far are you planning to take them?

  9. Sad to hear of the unpicking. The bad news was balanced with the good news of the hexagon find. A great little project to take anywhere.

  10. Bummer about the unpicking, but far better to do it now then finish the whole thing and regret it. The hexies look great, sure they will be stunning when stitched up.

  11. Better to unpick and reuse than toss into a dark corner!!! You'll come up with another solution, just let a few ideas percolate!!! Your hexie blocks are gorgeous, such attention to detail.....

  12. Your hexies are awesome looking!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway -- I know you can definitely do the FMQ thing. :) Happy Quilting.


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