Sunday, June 30

Claiming my Blog

Here's goes, I hope I've done it right..
I'm claiming my blog...I hope you will enjoy reading my blog perhaps while enjoying a relaxing cup of tea
Hugs Julia ♥


  1. Oh Julia, I had trouble figuring it out too, I hope I did it right. I can't seem to make your link work so I'll just head over to bloglovin and join you there.

  2. BlogLovin is just a reader. We shouldn't lose each other, as long as we have subscribed. I am happily reading you and all my friends from Feedly. It is just a reader. Blogger is still Blogger. No worries!

  3. I just joined BlogLlovin after getting the link from one the SCQIS members. Your blog was already there ! It seems to work better than whatever I was on before


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