Sunday, May 26

Meeting with Bloggers....and more

Well, that's the craft show for me this year....if I had the time I would go again today. My DIL Janete and I had the BEST time....
 Being the first craft show for Janete...she was just in awe of everything, just loved it.

 We met some lovely bloggers / quilters for the first was so much fun.
From the left is  Sandra of Playing Tiddlywinks,  Anthea of  Hibiscus StitchesMaria of Life on the Block, Tracee of Quilt Kittty loves Life, then myself with my DIL.
My second cousin also met up with us but got out of having her photo taken by taking ours...I'll get you next time Gai!
Here's Tracee on the sewing / info table, Anthea looking on...Just look at that amazing quilt behind her...
I'm so sorry, but in all my excitement, I forgot to get the makers / designers names of the quilts that I have here to share.....I will make a big effort to find out the names...
How gorgeous is this...doesn't it look like an oil painting....beautiful!
The thread work on this is amazing...these photos do not do justice to the amazing work.
....and on my to do list is this beautiful Aunty Green's really need to see this to appreciate all the beautiful applique work....I will find out who made this quilt...
...and for the dog cute is this....again beautiful applique..
I hope you enjoyed the quilts...more next post....
I left the show with a bigger to do list than ever really was so inspiring (to use that word again)...
Have a great weekend...
Edit...Just a quick shout out for my son Joe's recipe blog, in my sidebar...the new recipe sounds / looks so yummy for a cold winter evening  family dinner...♥


  1. What amazing quilts! I love the one with the yellow flowers! And how nice to see you! :0)

  2. so glad you had a great day,i see my friends there with you and Tracee is coming down to stay with me and we are going to a bloggers meet in Ballan Victoria in Nov,thankyou for sharing your pics.xx

  3. Wonderful you got to meet some other bloggers. What lovely quilts!!!

  4. Great day Julia & wonderful to meet you, Janete & Gai. We need to do it again soon! xx

  5. So fun to "see" you and your DIL, Julia. Looks like you had a wonderful time! You have added a gorgeous, and ambitious, applique quilt to your "to do" list. I am impressed--and I know you will do a beautiful job. : )

  6. Thankyou for sharing these wonderful quilts! Going to quilt shows is always so inspiring, and some of the work people do is just amazing!!!!

  7. It's fun meeting up with other bloggers at these shows. I just love the ones you shared, all so gorgeous.

  8. Wow you got to enjoy some great company and see some stunning quilts. Thank you for sharing. hugs

  9. Blogging has definitely got us in touch with people we would never meet otherwise. Every time we go to a show now we see lots of familiar faces and it makes the day that much more special. And of course, always beautiful quilts to see.

  10. Lovely Photo of you and Bloggers...the Quilts looked Lovely too
    take care

  11. Was sew good to meet up with you all. Look forward to our next meet.

  12. glad you got to meet the girls at the blog meet too........have fun with your doona cover..........

  13. Oh my, such beauty!! That one DOES look like an oil painting. Just gorgeous. How great to meet blogging friends! So happy for you!


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