Thursday, May 2

Filling in Time with Hexies...

Nothing very exciting to post about, just filling in time with hexies while I quilt Country Charmer ...
A dear patchwork friend Lois gave me a bag full of already cut hexies....story goes that my friend Lois was making a hexagon quilt... working away on her quilt at patchwork, and whenever she had some quiet time to sit and sew.
Well this quilt grew and grew till Lois felt she had had enough of hexies, and asked if I would like what she had left to do something with, either for a donation quilt or whatever..., I'm just passing a little evening time with these pretty floral hexies, thinking I might just make a Table Runner, then pass what's left onto someone else to enjoy...
There will be lots left...perhaps another runner, or with a few more cut a pretty table topper...
It's a dull rainy day here today...good day to work with Sweet Susie...
Enjoy your day...♥


  1. And a lovely way to pass the time too. She has gifted you some lovely fabrics.

  2. Are Susie and Country Charmer getting along? The ice finally went off the lake, but snow again tonight. Audrey is staying over tomorrow!! Yay!

  3. Very pretty hexies--what a nice little "bonus" project for you!
    Can't wait to see your quilted Country Charmer. Are you enjoying the quilting?

  4. Pretty soft feminine colours.

  5. Always nice things on your blog! Waiting for how you put the hexies together! We are waiting for spring, snow this morning...

  6. A very nice gift, ready made hexies! And a nice idea to share as well.

  7. Sounds like a great idea there Julia, everybody benefits. Sun is shining and a beautiful, perfect day. Hooray!

  8. How nice to be given some hexies to play with, better than them sitting in a dark box somewhere!!! They are very pretty!!!!


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