Saturday, April 6

This and That....

Haven't done much sewing this week... After having worked so hard , flat out last week to get the Gracehaven quilt done, I felt the need to kick back a little this week ....
....While watching the telly in the evening, I made these little Hot Chile Pepper coasters for a Mother's Day fundraising stall coming up.
I already had the hexagons cut, they were left overs from a summer tablecloth I pieced last year....
Seeing the coasters are all I had to show for a whole week, I thought I would share some CQ....
Another passion of mine is Crazy is a cushion made some time ago.
I think you if you visit me often you would easily guess by now that I love all things ...Vintage, Victorian, Reproduction.
 Burgundy and pink go so well together...
Here's an armchair sewing caddy I just you can see it's still hasn't been used....
This is the other side...I hand-dyed all my own ribbons and lace...
....and I just had to show you my very, very first CQ cushion....this is what set me off on my CQ's lovely to look back and see how different  my style and colours have changed.
This cushion is very precious, not only for being the first CQ, but also as it has the children and grand kids names, birth dates and special occasion dates embroidered on it..
Have a great weekend....we are having glorious picnic, gardening weather.
Stay safe.... 


  1. I do not recall hearing CQ, so I thought I'd ask...? Is it crazy quilting I've always had a fondness for the look of it, but never have done much of it myself. Hope you get out there and enjoy the weather this weekend ~

  2. Your crazy quilting is so pretty Julia! And to take the time to hand dye the special trims to match - wow!

  3. Nice projects!! The sewing caddy is a great idea!

  4. Fun coasters!
    I haven't followed you long enough to know about your passion for CQ. That armchair caddy is beautiful!

  5. I like your then and now photos. There is a difference in the colors and the style. Your latest projects are the ultimate in elegance, romance, nostalgia. Your thread, fabric, and design choices are more bold and unique--almost daring. They're so, so feminine!
    Is your clock a new addition to the right side of your blog? I guessed we were half a day apart, and now I know for sure. It's nearly 10 p.m., Friday night here, and you're approaching 11 a.m. on Sat a.m. Cool!

  6. I am sure the coasters will be a big hit and I love to see your CQ projects. Your stitching is so beautiful.

  7. Julia, you are so inspiring I love the pictures. You do such beautiful work. Reminds me that I need to get back on my Crazy Quilt which you inpspired me in the first place, to do. I cut that one square incorrectly, I just need to suck it up and fix that square and finish the quilt. Thanks dear friend for all your lovely work.

  8. Hope that you have had a re-engergising break and are ready to move onto to a new challenge.
    It's great to look back and compare then and now.

  9. Just love that little CQ heart, it's awesome!!!! Your other CQ projects are lovely too, they certainly add a touch of old world romance to a home!!!!! Nice to have a complete change of pace after completing such a large quilt!!!!


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