Wednesday, April 10

Back to Piecing...Dresdens and Charmers...

Time to get back to some serious piecing again...
I've only got a few more half  Dresden's to make for the border of the Vintage Dresden it's all engines go, I really want to get this quilt ready for my evening winter hand-quilting project...
After not having done any for a while,the hardest part right now is choosing the fabrics for each one ...♥
 Back to Country Charmer too....
These blocks take me quite some time to do...
I have get back into the swing of string piecing these again....getting back into what's been put aside for a while can be tricky at times...Love this block!....
...a little bit bright to the mix....♥
Last but not least, I just had to share this sweet gorgeous book my dear patchwork friend Lois gifted me...thank you Lois..
Do you remember playing with these paper cut out dolls....oh dear, first the Crayola Crayons now this sweet book... there's that little kid coming out in me again..but I won't be cutting these dolls out.... gorgeous is this...the dolls have a front and back....I have never seen a doll cut out book like this before...
As it says on the cover, the styles are very Edwardian.....the book was first published in 1975...
Hmmm, what was I doing in 1975...too old for this book, I was already a Mum with three school age children.
I hope your having a nice week....♥


  1. You do such a good job of choosing fabrics for the Dresdens.
    And I love your other project, too!
    Oh, the paper dolls. I used to love paper dolls.
    In 1975 I was leaving home for college. That was just a bit ago wasn't it? : )

  2. Lovely blocks Julia! I know what you mean, after getting into the swing of a particular block and returning to it sometime later you get out of the routine of it and have to use your 'brain' again LOL!!!! I do remember paper dolls and swappsies, beautiful little paper dresses and stuff, loved them when I was a kid. In 1975 I was still in nursing school, just a kidlet really!!! Had no idea.......LOL!!!!!

  3. Lovely work, Julia!
    Paper dolls really bring back sister and I loved ours and played for hours :)
    1975....yep just leaving home for the big wide world of work!!

  4. Nice to see your lovely dresdens reappear.
    I agree, getting back into older projects does take a bit of time. Got to find that rhythm again.
    A gorgeous gift from Lois.

  5. I say it all the time, you do such beautiful work! I just have to shake my head and wonder how some people can be so patient and creative! The paper dolls are wonderful, and for sure they can't be cut out. I remember playing with paper dolls, but they weren't like those! Thanks for sharing and I wish you a good Wednesday!

  6. I think any of the fabric in your stash would be beautiful in your Dresden's Julia! Oh I remember the books of paper dolls. So much fun to cut out and play with.

  7. I was 16 in 1975 and the year I left school. My sister and I played hours cutting out the paper dolls from the back of the Bunty magazine. The stitching looks great.

  8. I loved playing with paper dolls back in the 1950's. There was only a limited selection back then, and I would design and paint extra clothes for my dolls, complete with the tabs to hang them. I didn't see them around after that, and only became aware that they were back again when I started seeing books of them on the internet, but mostly based on famous people!


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