Tuesday, April 23

Back to Dresdens..and practicing...

At last, I'm back working on my Vintage Dresden's...isn't it hard to get back into something after it's been put aside for a while!
I so want to get this basted ready for hand-quilting over the cold wet winter months..
Just three more Dresden's to make and applique on...
All being well, I should have this big baby ready for quilting this week..
Practice, practice practice they say...
So that's what I've been trying to do...I really thought the first couple of feathers I did on the left were the best...then I just lost it.
I think they are too rounded, but then again everyone has their own style don't they...this could be mine.,,smile!
I must admit it was fun just playing with this little bit of practice...I'm getting better at back-tracking.
I don't know why, but I have a fascination with feathers...it could be because I want so much want
to master them but I can't..yet!
Patchwork today...take care, have a great day!....♥


  1. Your Dresdens are looking so pretty.
    I should be practicing feathers like you are...on my regular machine though.

  2. Oh, you are sooo close to a finished flimsy on your Dresden quilt. Won't that be wonderful? It is such a lovely quilt.
    You keep at those feathers--they are coming along great! This is the year I intend to get comfortable with feathers. Try some Youtube videos for different techniques and see which kind suits you.

  3. Quilting this one in the dreary winter will add some spring colour to your days.

  4. You're so close to having the Dresden project ready for winter quilting. What a relaxing time you'll have with it.
    Practice is the key, isn't it? Your feathers look great! (I won't show mine at this point. They're pretty bad--not ready for the public to see)

  5. Your Dresden's are so pretty. You don't have much to go and quilting is the perfect thing to do in the winter.

  6. I love Dresdens! Your slightly square ones are a little different, and look great!

  7. you Dresden quilt is sooooooo lovely. keep practicing you are doing great!

  8. Love your Dresden!!! I have one in progress, but I haven't touched it in ages, so I know exactly what you mean about getting enthused about a put-aside project!!!
    Love your practice feather quilting, I think you have done a great job so far by the looks of it, love feathers too!!!!

  9. Wow, those Dresdens are gorgeous. I haven't seen a squarest one before.

  10. I don't know quilting or the jargon that goes with it, but I know I love seeing the beautiful work you do, whatever it is called!! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  11. The dresden top is beautiful already. very sweet colours. The feathers look good I think. I'm practicing too in machine quilting but didn't do feathers yet. I make table toppers for a sort of nursery home from all the practicing pieces. I will write about it soon.

  12. Wow I'm impressed with your practice progress. I love dresdens.


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