Monday, March 25

My Weekend ..this and that...

Saturday wash day...

My Inspired by Jane quilt has been hanging in the formal lounge room for some time and needed refreshing...
I popped it in the washing machine with another a couple of colour catchers..

...these are the best things since sliced bread...just look at the pink colour that got caught up in the colour catcher...that's a new white catcher there to compare how great these catchers are....saves the day / quilt every time...♥

Sunday.....I added the next row to the GH quilt, I just need to add the row of hexagon blocks to the top and I thing that will be big enough....I'm thinking a lovely blue border all around to set it off beautifully...

This little cute house teapot was my Sunday market find yesterday.... my friend and I went nice and early to the was a lovely sunny morning, we finished off the morning with brunch by the foreshore..the ocean was so calm and soothing...

Hope you had a lovely weekend too...♥


  1. Maybe it is just my end, but I only got to see your first photo????

  2. I can see all four photos Julia. Nice to refresh a quilt and have it turn out - I just washed one yesterday and always use the color catcher too!

  3. Beautiful "Jane" quilt, Julia.
    Oh, those hexagon blocks on the GH quilt are wonderful. Nice choice!
    What a sweet little teapot. Sounds like you had a lovely morning!

  4. Nice news - phone me when you have a chance please!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  5. yippie photo's!
    Well worth the wait.......stunning!
    The little sweet tea pot made me think of the teapot song......'I'm a little teapot short & stout......'

  6. I love your Jane Inspired quilt, Julia - I'm so pleased you wanted to wash it and I got to see it...I'm cuttently trying to think how I will do MY DJ. Those colour catchers seem to be worth their weight - I must hunt some out. Love your GH quilt too - it's going to be beautiful (and your diamond border corner problem is perfect!)

  7. I have a teapot like that one Julia and your quilts looks simply gorgeous with the hexagon row. Would not have thought of doing that but it is perfect. I know it is going to a great cause but I would find parting with it so difficult. Always love to see you DJ.

  8. Your Gracehaven quilt is looking beautiful. I spent the weekend quilting as we are snowed in - over 18 inches and no sign of clearing :-( x

  9. Julia, Love the Tea Pot, what a great find, wish I were there to have a spot of tea with you and talk quilts....The Jane quilt is so beautiful, looks lovely on the line and what can I say about the NH quilt, it's so beautiful....

  10. Such a nice touch adding the hexie blocks at each end!! You've done a great job with this!!! I remember seeing tea-pots like this when I was a kid, mainly at my grandmother's house, but I never saw them being used LOL!!!!

  11. Beautiful work as always.
    I have heard of the Colour Catcher, but didn't know it was available in Australia...or is it just in W.A.? I'd love to know where you obtained it, please Julia :-)

  12. Your Blessings quilt is turning out so pretty! I can't help myself from imagining it in modern colors, and I think that would be smashing too! Yep, we love those Color Catchers here too, and you remind me that I have a couple quilts that need washing. I hope you have a lovely Easter.

  13. What a lovely quilt and I love the bright colors.


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