Sunday, March 17

Look What I excited!

How amazing is this find at the Sunday market...there's that little kid coming out in my again!

At the back is a beautiful crystal sugar bowl and creamer jug on a gorgeous tray...and also the lovely (I'll call it)  glass oil slick platter, you know when oil sits on water you get those lovely rainbow colours shine through....but, look at the metal tin of Crayola Crayons....just $4..

...inside another box of 64 colours, brand new never used, see the built in sharpener at the back of the box...and a smaller packet of 8 colours....

According to what's printed on the tin,
In 1903...Crayola's first box of crayons were made and sold for 5 cents, it contained 8 colours.

On the bottom of the tin, it goes on to say....
Early 1990, 8 new colours were introduced. Brighter new hues like Dandelion, Wild strawberry, Vivid Tangerine, Fuchsia, Teal Blue, Royal Purple, Jungle Green, and Cerulean.....
To make room for the new colours in the box of 64.... 8 of the regular ones had to be retired..
In 1990 for the first time 8 colours were retired.....and those 8 colours are in the little packet of 8 limited exciting is that! goes on to name the 8 colours...etc

They received so many requests to bring back the retired colours, they decided to produce this collectors tin  with the 64 colours plus the little packet 8 colours that were retired...

It seems on the bottom, that this tin came out in 1991...copyrighted to Binney & Smith Inc.....USA

Did I mention that I was excited...I love all things!

I had a wonderful Sunday...I hope you did too....♥

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  1. I actually came across two of those tins while going through a box that had been in storage for the last seven years. Like you, I was really excited to find them. I didn't even remember buying

  2. I don't think I ever remember seeing those tins. What a fun find!

  3. How exciting for you. Will you actually use them or save them as a collectors piece? Love the glassware. I Spy gorgeous pinks in that box.

  4. What a great find!!! I can imagine you can't stop smiling today.....
    Enjoy your treasures!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  5. Some people are soooo tinny! (means lucky for non-Aussies). Good for you Julia - you deserve a nice find like that.

  6. What great finds, I wish I were there with you....

  7. How funny! We had a box of crayons like that when I was young.

  8. What beautiful glassware you found! I have one of those Crayola tins...but mine doesn't have the crayons in it anymore. LOL

  9. Very nicely done!! If by any chance you’d also like to join a GIVEAWAY of two handmade cuddly Swucans (mixed breed of swan and tucan)or three soft silk/cotton scarfs, be sure to take a look at this blog before March 20th:
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  10. All of your finds are terrific! We have some of that glass from my Mom. I just washed it yesterday as I was cleaning off shelves in the dining room. The crayons bring wonderful memories, too.

    Thanks for a really FUN post! :)

  11. Wonderful finds!! I know how excited you were/are! Thanks for sharing!

  12. How fun. Now how are you going to resist using that new box of crayons. ;)

  13. One of my great joys from childhood was opening a new box of crayons on the first day of school, smelling that Crayola smell, and making my first marks.
    Lucky you, Julia! That box looks like great fun, and a great find.
    And the glassware looks so exquisite.

  14. Makes me want to get out a coloring book and start coloring! What fun for you.


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