Tuesday, March 12

Gracehaven inspired by Blessings Quilt ...update

Just not enough hours in the day, to do all I have to do these days....so...

I stayed up late again last night and pieced some pinwheels for the next round of blocks.

Today I made some little round button shapes to applique around the centre piece....now should I go around the inner and outside of the ring...or...

...just the outside of the ring....or...

...just the centre....
It's turning out to be a lovely bright colourful quilt, which is just what I envisioned in my minds eye and trying to achieve....

I'd like to add that..... by rights and in all fairness I cannot call my quilt a Blessings quilt, all credit must go to Robyn Falloon for her beautiful Blessings quilt design....I was inspired by her quilt to use one of the beautiful blocks for the centre piece of  my quilt for "Gracehaven"...so "Gracehaven" should be this quilts name, inspired by The Blessings quilt...

Sorry, I can't seem to get a link up for Robyn Falloon..

I had a great day at patchwork today...hope your day was great too....♥

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  1. You've made wonderful progress with this quilt!! Love the pinwheel border, adds some great visual interest!!!

  2. The quilt progress is looking great, I like the buttons on the inside and outside, sorry that is more work for you though!

  3. Your quilt is coming along beautifully. Isn't it great when it just works? The dots work well either inside or out.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. You have the best eye to make a decision about the little button circles. They are pretty however you put them on!

  5. This quilt is coming along nicely, Julia. I wonder if they will raffle it - do you know!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  6. Love what you have done. Very cheerful! I have a slight preference to the dots on the inside, but either way would be lovely.

  7. You are such an inspiration to so many quilters out there, Julia. I know I will never reach your standard, especially since my sewing machine died last week, and my health issues have slowed me down too, but I still love to look and dream at all the beautiful creations I see everywhere on blogs.
    How are things on the home front? I know you don't like to discuss that on your blog, and I respect that, but I have been thinking about you...

  8. This is beautiful. I think the dots are a nice addition, wherever you choose to use them. My preference leans toward putting them on the outside, but any way you do it, they will add visual interest.

  9. You're making a lovely quilt. That Blessing pattern is really interesting, and in fact, I've thought about making it with modern fabrics. It would certainly look different than yours, wouldn't it?!

  10. I like the dots in both places! you are progressing nicely ~

  11. The dots look good either way Julia or both. It is looking good. Lucky Gracehaven being gifted such a wonderful treasure.

  12. Coming along beautifully. Love your colours. I would use the little buttons in both areas.


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