Friday, March 8

Blessings Quilt update....

Here's an update on my Blessings quilt...

It's looking really lovely...the blue centre star is not appliqued on yet....still lots to do.
I think you may be able to click on the photo for a closer look....the colours are just gorgeous, I'm trying to choose the brighter repro colours...and.... I promised on my last post, to tell you who this special quilt is for.
 I was asked to make a special quilt for "Gracehaven" nursing home where my DH who sadly has Alzheimer's is being cared for

....this quilt is truly a labour of love and in appreciation of the care he is getting there...

There's button on my side bar to make a small donation to  Fight  Alzheimer's..."Donate a Memory" in memory of someone or an occasion....if you feel so inclined..
Thank you...

Have a lovely weekend.....♥

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  1. What a special quilt Julia. It is wonderful that there are great places to give that special care.

  2. What a beautiful pattern, lovely fabric choices, and will be a wonderful gift!

  3. Hello dear Julia. Such gorgeous colors in this special quilt. You and your husband are in my prayers. John and I send our love.

  4. Oh you poor dear. I didn't know about your husband, and that it means you're on your own. Obviously, you're putting your free time to great use. The Blessings Quilt is really pretty, and it will surely be appreciated at the care center. Good for you.

  5. What a difficult road you travel, Julia. This is a wonderful quilt for the facility where your husband is being cared for. May be therapeutic for you to make it, too. The bright colors could represent memories that once were bright.

  6. Well done Julia. It could be an easy quilt to make or a difficult one with all the emotion attached to it but you can do it. It is looking good. Stay strong.x

  7. That is going to be an awesome quilt and for such a great cause! I'm glad your husband has such good care. In the last photo I see 2 fabrics that I used in my friends pink and brown wedding quilt.

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  9. I am sorry for you and your dear husband, it is such a tragic disease that continues to steal from all, not just him. We lost my Momma to the same, and it was truly a comfort to us when we found a home that gave her the care past what we were able, and it was a place of compassion.
    Your quilt will be appreciated, it is beautiful, as I knew it would be!


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