Saturday, March 9

Auditioning Borders...

I'm normally more of a morning person., early to rise and get going...but...

I was so keen to move onto the next stage of this quilt, I stayed up late last night and added the pretty blue border and  this gorgeous Jacob's Ladder border...I love piecing these!

....this morning up early and added the last side of Jacob's Ladder border..
I still need to add more in the centre medallion piece, but  for now, while I ponder on what to add, I'll work on to the next stage...
Now to choose the next border, I really do need to add another plain border  before adding more pieced blocks.....Hmmm.
Three choices, blue, pink or burgundy....

....I don't  think the burgundy will suit. Most likely the pretty blue, it will frame the Jacob's Ladder border and  be in keeping with what's already you think?

Enjoy your weekend whatever your have planned...♥

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  1. Wonderful work.

    Greetings from Germany, Grit

  2. The blue looks lovely. It is a pretty quilt.

  3. Coming along beautifully. Keep up the good work. I vote for blue too.

  4. I say yes to the blue. It does indeed frame the Jacob's Ladder border. The quilt is beautiful.

  5. STUNNING...and yes the BLUE has my vote!!

  6. This is beautiful, Julia. "Yes" to the blue. It really does provide a nice frame to the piecing.

  7. the blocks are going well........I like the blue......

  8. Definately prefer the blue. This quilt is looking stunning.

  9. I love the blue too, the burgundy would be my second choice. You have done lovely work. Great Quilt.

  10. Use the blue, and than do the pink later, or use the pink as a binding.

  11. I was going to say blue also!!!
    I think it wonderful the place receiving this quilt. I'm sorry to hear your DH is suffering this way, I'm sure the fall some years ago didn't help.

    It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog, but I have done a few posts in recent weeks.

    When I saw your DJ in the photo's at the top of your blog, it made my heart beat. I have not worked on my for so long.


  12. So pretty Julia - the blue will be perfect!


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