Monday, February 11

Sunday Market Finds....

Yesterday I went to a local Sunday market with my DS and his partner..."We'll pick you up at 7am" I was told.
 I'm not really one for garage sales or flea markets, but I actually had fun. Loved doing a little bit of haggling here and that was never my thing, but everyone else was doing the same, so I did too!.
How darling is this amazing market find....
I could hardly believe it when I saw this darling antique hand-made wooden Pinocchio string puppet...
You  can see the joints of his knees,  his fingers are carved / fashioned from one piece of wood....
I remember seeing one at a market a few years back, I stood there procrastinating whether to buy it or not.... then someone else just grabbed it from under my nose and bought it...I stood there shocked, boy she sure knew what  a find that was, just as I did this time round.
 This one was not going to slip away like that again...
I also found this  beautiful vintage English Chinaware  J&G Meakin, Magnolia sandwich plate....for $3...

The stuff that was up for sale was amazing...some things looked only fit for trash / bin , and some things are like what I have packed away in the shed or in cupboards around the house....all amounts to $$$'s.
 It was such  great fun, I may go again next Sunday...

Hope you had a great Sunday...♥

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  1. Julie! Your puppet is delightful, and the plate is just beautiful! What great finds, and what fun you much have had!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pinocchio is adorable Julia! Don't pack him away - enjoy him every day!
    I just told my husband we're going thrifting this week! Enjoy yours.

  3. Your Pinocchio is wonderful! What a find! The meat platter is very nice, too. :)

  4. There is a plate in the lower right hand corner of the first picture that I like a lot. I know nothing about china, etc. But the design is nice.

  5. Love that Pinocchio! Never have seen anything like it before.
    What a pretty platter. Will you use it or just display it?

  6. Great Pinocchio! <3
    Hugs from Italy, Emanuela

  7. My dad used to work for Meakins a very long time ago. He was a plate maker. The Meakins factory now belongs to Emma Bridgewater. I learned that just today. Great finds.

  8. Great finds Julia, and fun to go out with the young ones. Good to go somewhere a little different.

  9. Love your little Pinnochio Julia and the plate is gorgeous. I love collecting old china and porcelain. I don't mind mix and match. LOL
    The crinoline lady sandwich plate on the left of the picture with the gold all over is the same design as one I remember as a child in England. Who is the maker of this plate please?

  10. I like your Pinnochio find; and the great platter. I enjoy popping in every now and then and looking at your new quilt projects. They are all very nice.


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