Saturday, February 9

Dresden Turning the Corner...

After a bit of fiddling around with a Dresden in the corner, this is what I've ended up doing...
Being a retired seamstress, calling back on those skills sure helped with getting the corner just right.

I never really been a big fan of purple, but I must admit, I'm loving this purple just looks fabulous!

Here's a bigger picture how it will look...

A soft scallop....
...gently curving towards the next scallop. I can see I'll have to be careful here to make sure the scallops flow nicely...
I think this will work in quite well...when all the hand-quilting is done, that will pull it all together... corner done three to go!
                               Have a great's going to be hot here, so some stitching under the air-con is in order.....♥

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  1. Just fabulous - will have a chat soon!
    Love Lurline.

  2. You've turned the corner very nicely, Julia. Good job! I do love purple and this Dresden is wonderful! : )

  3. Is saying I love it again over kill??? Too bad I LOVE IT!!! Oh & you are going to hand quilt, I'm pleased, maybe that's what I will have to do on mine......when I actually finish it :-/

  4. I love purple as much as I love pink. It is looking good Julia. Those skills have certainly not gone to waste.

  5. wow,looks great. Such an excellent quilt. I would call it a Masterpiece!!!!!!

  6. Those seamstress skills come in handy now and then, don't they? (I'm one too--way too many years of alterations. I preferred making garments from start to finish.)
    Your Dresden plates are looking fabulous, and purple is a favorite of mine, so this corner looks perfect!

    I had the pleasure of spending a weekend in classes at our LQS a while back with Darlene Zimmerman, the book author, expert on 1930s fabrics, and designer of so many quilting tools, like your Easy Scallop. She was a joy to be around. I had to smile when I saw this post. It's like Darlene Z. is looking over your shoulder, cheering on your delightful Dresdens.

  7. Your work is beautiful and making sure your attention to detail is spot on is going to ensure this quilt is a show stopper!

  8. Your work is beautiful, I love the Dresden corner.

  9. The purple Dresden is just perfect. Well done! debbie

  10. You are doing a unique border treatment and it is working well. I like how the purple one turns the corner just perfectly.


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