Saturday, January 19

Two More Finishes..and new project!

Gosh what a job it is now to get photos loaded on blogger...or it must be just me!
Well, I have two more finishes for January 2013...this blue runner made from the leftovers of a blue and white quilt I made for a dear friend last year...
This bright and happy pinwheel runner from a quilt called "Twice as Nice" free on You Tube...lovely quick one to run up...
...not sure you can see the quilting, but simple loops here...don't you just love spots, they go so well in many quilt designs...I love them, use them where ever I can.
I've been so good so far this year, a whole 19 days of 2013....I think I've earned the right to a guilt free new project....still using up my scraps and stash!
I fell in love with Country Charmer by Lynn of Sew'n Wild Oaks Quilting Blog...I've admired it for months on her side bar, and when Lynn recently announced on her blog that she would host a quilt along, I just had to be a part of it...ordered the pattern and with Lynn's help I'm just about ready to make a start on it
Off to get reacquainted with my CW fabrics again...two big tubs full!
Have a lovely weekend...stay safe...♥


  1. Great finishes :) have you tried using chrome instead of explorer. It appears to be helping some others

  2. You have made great progress in 2013 with some great table toppers,. I too have been tempted by that sew along but I am resisting far.

  3. I use Google Chrome and don't have a bit of trouble with blogger. Love all your projects! I went to peek at the Country Charmer quilt and it's a beauty! I can't wait to see yours! :0)

  4. I use Firefox, because I have had problems with Chrome and Blogger. I love your beautiful projects!

  5. Nice table runners, Julia. I especially like the frosty blues.
    Country Charmer is a very pretty quilt. Oh, so tempting to join in, but I must not! I'll enjoy watching yours grow.

  6. The year is so young and you have several finishes already. You are setting a cracking pace.
    Lovely finishes. A new project? Yay! Bring it on.


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