Sunday, January 6

Thank you so much ....

A great big thank you to Pokey for your help... Why can't blogger leave things alone...
I have spent so much time trying to get photos up on my blog, now I'm rushing.... just wanted to quickly post this ...
Baby quilt #2...I added piano keys border all around (another photo soon), makes it a lovely play on quilt size...
...and it's a baby pink binding is in order for quilt#1
Thanks again so much Pokey...
Go to to rush off now....♥


  1. Glad you got the answer you needed on loading photos. This looks wonderful, Julia! Good job!

  2. Good looking baby quilt, too, I have admired your layout ~

  3. Another happy baby, lovely work Julia.

  4. Hiphip hoaray for bloggy friends! Sometimes the weirdest things happen & you don't know why? I was trying to load a video on my blog today!!!!!
    Lucky wee baby.

  5. Looking good Julia and that bit of pink will really make it special.

  6. That California Pokey gal is a gem, isn't she? I know her through my blog too, and I am blessed to call her a friend. I think we both need to hop on a plane to California and pay her a visit!

  7. Some days blogger makes me want to scream, but thank goodness there are folks who can answer our questions and walk us through fixing the sticky stuff.
    Quilts for little ones are seldom detailed or elaborate quilts, but they bring just as much joy, don't they? That makes them 100% satisfying projects. Great use of preprinted panel at the top and the bottom. It's going to be well used, Julia.

  8. Julia, Blogger is just so contrary and user-UNfriendly these days! Have been reading up a lot on it and there's so many unhappy people about. My blog is appearing such a mess a I am playing and will wait 'til holiday return to straighten it all out.
    Hugs - Lurline.

  9. this is so cute, I love the way you add the panel fabric!


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