Thursday, January 17

Orphan Blocks Runner...pinwheels

Another finish for January 2013..
I can't even remember what quilt these blocks are left over from....I must have gifted that quilt ages ago....gosh that's how long they have been lying around in the cupboard!
Well they were too pretty to throw away, so a new runner was created.

I thought it best to do very simple free motion quilting , so it would stand up to lots of (smile) I really do love doing these loops and hearts quilting.
The mitred border is simply a small meander.
Don't you just love it when you have a beautiful finish and  created something beautiful out of almost nothing....
Have a great day.....creating something beautiful too!.....♥


  1. It Certainly is Julia as is your Quilting...

  2. Beautiful job of making something nice from leftover parts. How many finishes is this so far? (I've had zero!)

  3. So pretty! How nice that these blocks peeked out at you.

  4. I'll just say it do amazing work! Beautiful!

  5. It's so pretty! I love it! :0)

  6. A lucky find with fabulous results. I do enjoy your colour combinations. I must learn to soften my colour choices a little.

  7. girl, you have been so busy. I can tell you and Sweet Susie are getting along just fine. Beautiful work

  8. So sweet, I must find my orphan blocks now, hmm I need a new table runner! Thanks for the great idea.

  9. The best feeling comes from doing exactly what you did--creating something lovely from a forgotten project or leftovers. Lovely quilting, Julia! I like the hearts design you used. It's perfect with those delicate florals.

  10. Adorable tablerunner, I love the colours and quilting is so cute!



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