Tuesday, January 22

Laura's Doily Quilt...and Anne's Gorgeous Quilt.

As promised to Shirley.... here's a little peek at quilting friend Laura's Vintage Doily quilt....
Exquisite vintage doilies set into blocks to form a beautiful bed quilt...
Sashing will be added to make it a little bigger....we had fun today auditioning different  pieces of  coloured fabrics to see what would suit best for the sashing...

....backed with a light Pellon, appliqued onto a quilters muslin in pleasing manner...

So many sweet doilies....
 ...some very vintage, beautifully embroidered....if only they could talk.
I wonder what would be the story behind them...were they embroidered by a young girl learning to sew, or in some one's Glory box, being collected and saved for a young bride-to-be.....♥

Anne's quilt for her DD...
How gorgeous is this quilt, by Anne for her DD...such a pretty soft aqua and white...crisp and fresh as a beautiful summer's day.....Anne machine quilted it in a cross-hatch design ....but the borders are quilted on the horizontal with just 1/2 inch spaces, like piano keys....

......if only you could see it in person, just stunning...
Anne said when she started quilting the borders, she thought to herself..."what was I thinking...all this work".....it was worth it Anne...beautiful!.....♥

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  1. Julia, that is a stunning quilt.

  2. wonderful quilts. I love Hankie quilts. Hope you're safe from the huge storm, dear friend

  3. I like the use of the vintage embroidery pieces. I don't collect them but what a good way to preserve the past.

  4. Very creative use of the doilies, colourful and pretty. Anne's quilt looks lovely.

  5. Oooo, I absolutely love that aqua and white quilt. While I can imagine how boring and tedious it would be to sew - making those Honey Bee blocks over and over again - the finish is fabulous.

  6. Oh, I LOVE the quilt using the vintage doilies. I have lots of those and lots of old hankies -- great idea!!!! The aqua quilt is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a great way to showcase all those doilies, the quilt is iodine o look beautiful. I love the aqua and white quilt, I don't think you can beat a two colour quilt, they always look good.

  8. Just love those doilies, what a great way of displaying them instead of being stashed away never seeing the light of day!! It looks as though this is going to be quilt as you go! I'm very interested to see how this goes together, hope you will share further photos of this project. When I was at school we learned embroidery and consequently I have numerous doilies that I completed and crochet around as well. I do have them around my house here and there but I have more stashed away, plus a few extras that I bought in second-hand shops, always did want to make something with them, and this looks to be a good way to use them.
    The aqua quilt is a stunning piece of work, love the quilting and my goodness that border!! a mighty job there!!!!

  9. Beautiful doileys, what treasures.

  10. I wonder if it is the start of something Julia and it will inspire people to use up those lovely doilies and give them a new lease of life. Thank you for showing them to me. Love the pretty aqua and white.

  11. I've seen a few doiley quilts at quilt shows and always think that I should use just a few of the several thousand doilies in my collection to make something worthwhile! This one is going to be fabulous.


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