Tuesday, January 29

Dresden Borders...

After much pondering and deliberation, I decide to add these almost half Dresden's as a border...

First I added the little 1/4 inch red feed sack peeper then a 6 inch muslin border and now I'm appliqueing the almost half Dresden's to the border.....gently unpicking a little space at the peeper sewn in seam to tuck in the bottom raw edges of the border Dresden's .....they really look like fans don't they!..

.... trying to add a full half Dresden with that little nine patch centre was just too fiddly and awkward.
I'm thinking I could later scallop around the top of the border Dresden's....trust me to make it harder for myself, but at least the quilt layout / design will truly is my own design.
Wish I knew who /where this particular Dresden first originated, I would love to give credit to the designer source....

I bought this book below some time last year.....I love it, that block on the cover is very much like the Vintage Dresden's I'm working with and what I fell in love with straight off.......beautiful authentic 1930's quilt designs taken and reproduced from old news paper pattern clippings

...so now I'm thinking, why didn't I just do this quilt, the pattern is all there laid out ready to go, no working out measurements....no, that would have been too easy!
I must add that I am enjoying every step in the making of my Dresden quilt...and can't wait to have it sandwiched / basted ready for hand-quilting..

Have a great week...enjoy whatever you have planned....♥


  1. Your dresdens are lovely....and very 30-ish to make them your way!

  2. Your border will be a perfect complement to your blocks, Julia. Your design decisions are always unique and lovely.
    Just think about all the fun you would have missed if you'd followed the pattern from the book. Making our personal decisions, working out the math, can definitely be satisfying.

  3. Love your border and all the more special since it is your own design.

  4. Julia, your border choice is amazing. My hat is off to you--I think when I get to the borders I usually take the easiest route to a finish. This border is so perfect, but what an extra effort!

  5. This really is a lovely quilt. Dresdens always look beautiful, be it modern or vintage. I like the fact that you've "personalised" your quilt with your unique border. Very nice indeed.

  6. I love what you have come up with. I think if this was me I would have chosen the easy quick way & just finished the quilt. But I admire & love what you have done. My impatient way would result in being disappointed, you will not be disappointed!!
    This is truly your quilt!

  7. I love your border solution. It's perfect!

  8. Knew you would come up with the perfect border now I am impatient to see the quilting. In your own time Julia.

  9. That border will finish the quilt beautifully. Great choice.

  10. Love your quilt - hey, I'm home - are you okay
    Big hugs - Lurline.


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