Monday, January 21

Country Charmer... a new another quick finish! nice to have a new project to work on, play with my CW fabrics, auditioning fabrics to see what will colours will work together and seeing each block grow and shine.
Country Charmer is a QAL that Lynn is kindly hosting with tips and help along the way as we go.
Check out the button on my side bar, you will get all the info there....

I'm going to see if I can keep to the brighter CW fabrics, tho I do love the browns, and the reds, and the greens, and the Cheddars...oh dear, it will be a challenge!
Above I have chosen fabrics for my first block.
A cream fusion fabric for my lights and blue and pink fabrics to compliment my fussy cut centre square...

Looking good so far....

Yep, this is my messy tubs full of CW fabrics....I really should sort them out into colours again.
They never stay neat and sorted for very long....creative chaos I like to call it!
.....but I'm having fun, so what's a little mess.....♥

Another quick little finish... 

...four coasters were already made, it was just a matter of finishing off the last two.
These will be another nice little fund raiser donations...

P.S..... I found another way to load and post this today....this time through Picasa...much easier!

Hope you have a lovely week....♥

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  1. Looks like a nice new project. Nothing like a new project to get your blood pumping!

  2. Very nice! I like quick finishes between longer projects. I need that sense of completion once in awhile. :)

  3. Like your colours, I am going to enjoy seeing this quilt progress. What are you fundraising for?

  4. This first block is looking good. I love the fussy cut center.

  5. I love your color combination Julia!

  6. Very pretty block, Julia. And what lovely coasters! You are being so stinkin' productive!!

  7. That is going to be a nice block. You did a really nice job on the coasters too.

  8. Your Country Charmer quilt is going to be gorgeous using CW fabric . Looking forward to watching your progress. I am also going to be making the Country Charmer along with Lynn's sew along. I actually but the kit when it first came out and will making mine like her original quilt.


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