Sunday, January 6

Blogger is not being nice.. please help!

Now all of a sudden, blogger's link to add an image is not working for's not coming up for me to select a  photo.
I can't just add an image straight from a folder on my computer any more, it wants web cam, phone or a URL...

Is anyone else having this problem...

Thanks so much if you can help...
Julia ♥


  1. Sorry, but no, I don't have that problem. Try rebooting your computer. Sometimes (a lot of the time) rebooting will fix things. Good luck!

  2. Maybe the advise over at Exuberant Color would help...Sorry, it is frustrating to not have answers!


  3. Wanda at Exuberant Color link that was given above was what worked for me Julia...give it a try.

  4. I haven't had this problem, but I have read about it on other blogs. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  5. i had that problem because i just got my computer out of the shop. i put foxfire on it put google chrome on it and sent a message on feedback . one of them worked don't know which

  6. I had a similiar problem for a couple of days. I was using Internet Explorer as my browser. I finally decided to try Google Chrome and blogger has been happily accepting my photos ever since. If I go back to Internet Explorer, I still can not add a photo to my blog, so it had to have been switching to Google Chrome that did the trick.
    Hope you find what works for you.

  7. Firefox is my first choice for blogging
    I dont have any problems.

    Good luck

    Iris from Germany

  8. Having the same problem, what a relief to see your post, I will try some of these suggestions!
    Thank you for sharing!!!


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