Friday, January 25

A Vintage Dresden Flimsy....I think!

I had a lovely productive day working on my Vintage Dresden's...
Blocks all together, even managed to get the setting tri's on...

These are the last two blocks that was made...
Love this cute is that birdhouse fabric...

Lovely and bright red feed sack...

I'm not sure whether to add borders or not....that's why I think it's a flimsy, a scallop border perhaps.
I did think about scrappy piano keys border, but I don't think it would be in keeping with it's vintage look.
So while I ponder on to border or not, I'll get back to the Country Charmer sew-a-long..and try out back basting applique...
Dear quilting friend Anne has mastered it and says it the way to go!!

I tried real hard to stay off Pinterest ....but there's so much on there.
 I know, a great time waster, but so much inspiration. I even found some authentic Vintage Dresden's similar to mine up for sale...of course they had gone, some lucky person has scored a real treasure.

Have a lovely weekend....stay safe..♥
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  1. nice patttern, I only knew the regular ones. It is difficult to say from here what kind of a bordter the top needs. Maybe not too busy and too bright.I think they used to make scrappy borders in the past, but not on a nice say, sunday quilt. As you wrote, a scallop border would be nice for this.
    I like tfe fabrics!

  2. You always come up with the right choice Julia and it will be a finished quilt before we know it. I am hooked on Pinterest and there are some fabulous ideas on there for all sorts of things. I am half way through knitting a shrug from a pattern I found on there. Have you signed up then?

  3. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  4. Your blocks are precious Julia! I like the idea of a scalloped border. I know it's more work for you, but it would be so pretty.

  5. I'm having issues with blogger this morning and it will not load the photo of your block with the birdhouse fabric. : ( Oh, well, I'm sure it is very sweet. The quilt looks fantastic, Julia! Aren't you just as pleased as can be? A scalloped border does seem very fitting for this quilt, but even as I say that I am thinking that I wouldn't want to have to make it. : )
    I have resist Pinterest so far--don't you go tempting me, too!

  6. Wow!!!! That is a true B*E*A*U*T*Y!!!!

  7. Love your dresden blocks and yes I tend to think that a scollop edge would look great and in keeping with the vintage look you are after! Very nice work so far!!

  8. the top looks gorgous as is, an all white scalloped border would look right (not that I am an expert) and would add opportunity for some amazing curved quilting eg feathers! Alternatively I recollect some dresdens have half dresdens as a border? But not sure if that is appopriate for the period? Applique a swag? Hmm sounds like lots of work, go the scallops!

  9. That vintage dresden is an heirloom in the making Julia!

  10. OH, just gorgeous! I've been following along, and love your vintage block. How about a border of Half Dresdens? That would make such a lovely scalloped edge. Lot's of work, but this quilt is certainly worth the extra attention.

  11. A scallop edge sounds perfect for this lovely quilt. Maybe a binding made up of various prints used in the dresdens.

  12. Stunning! I hear what you say about Pinterest!


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