Monday, January 14

A little chic, not so shabby...table runner.

Now that I have had a few days to reflect back on the wedding, count my blessings ... it's back to what I call is normal around here.....quilting,etc..
Working on  slashing my scrap stash...I pieced this "little bit chic, not too shabby" table runner.
I used some of my very pretty Robyn Pandolph scrap pieces.
I just love how easy this pattern is to run up in almost no time...
A bit hard to see here, but I free motion quilted a feathered wreath...yes, I think Susie and I are starting to get comfortable working together and liking each other...
The quilting just quick and easy!
Thoughts and prayers to our fellow Aussie on the East coast.
I pray you all keep safe from the fires, and some cooler weather relief is heading your way......♥


  1. I love this runner pattern, Julia. Still haven't tried it, but if you make enough of them I will eventually be tempted beyond my ability to resist.
    If you enlarge the last photo the wreath is discernible--and looks really good!

  2. Wish my scraps looked that pretty. Sounds like you are crashing through the FMQ fright barrier brilliantly. Tracee xx

  3. You do such beautiful work. I'm always impressed. Beautiful.

  4. Love the colours. Very pretty and I can see the quilting. You are doing great with Susie.

  5. Love your table runner! Thanks for sharing.

  6. oh i think this is adorable!
    my mom would love this!!

    Redheaded Daybook

  7. Glad to hear that you and Susie are getting on so well. Great results. The photos seem to have disappeared now but I did see them when you first posted.

  8. No pictures to see, but I have no doubt it's pretty!

  9. I don't have any trouble seeing your photos Julia, but as it is now a week after you posted this, maybe Blogger has sorted it out. Your runners are all gorgeous...gosh I wish I could work that fast..I just keep looking at my magazines and thinking "Yes, I could do that" but I never get around to pulling out the fabric and starting to cut it up!
    Thank you for your concern about the fire situation. It is awful, and so far I've been lucky in that no serious fires have taken off in this area. Black Saturday was too close for comfort...


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