Sunday, December 30

Sugar & Spice & Puppy Dog Tails...almost a flimsy!

Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dog Tails, for the new baby boy or for one of my kids, for  extended family!
This is how I ended up adding the pieces from "Spot the Dog " panel.
It's so sweet, and went together really well, considering I made it up as I went along..
I thought it would be nice if the baby as it grew, had more to look at then mostly pinwheels and
....this is the top, with the print strip and a row of "Spot" playing, I had no choice but to cut off the 2 end picture squares to make them was either going to be too big or too small.
 I loved the comment Linda left about adding 2 rows of squares at the top and bottom to finish that's what I did.
Thank you Linda.
The bottom also has the strip of print ,but the wider piece of #3 "Spot" fabric.
I was able to tweek this piece a little to make it fit...cutting the bigger pictures in the middle and re-sewing
The post title says "almost a flimsy"....I think I need to add just one more row of squares to each side of the quilt to finish if off and balance size wise....
The Spot fabric went so well with the '30's baby repro fabrics...
I loved making this for the new baby...a great start to the New Year... 2013....♥


  1. Very cute, Julia. And I think the plan to add rows of squares down the sides sounds good! Lucky baby that gets this quilt. : )

  2. Very cute and colorful, perfect for a little one. Perhaps you could add the two left over Spot pictures to the backing or label.

  3. great final touch to a darling quilt!!!!

  4. Lovely! Looks bright and happy and perfect for a little one. Definitely a great start to the (hot) New Year.

  5. sooooo cute! I love pinwheels and the Spot panel was a perfect fit!

  6. Lovely little quilt, Julia! Baby quilts are my favourite.
    Hugs - Lurline.

  7. Oh Julia! I'm so touched that you would consider my suggestion, and then follow through with it. Love your idea of adding one more row of patches to the sides too. Having this ideas-swap is ALMOST as good as being with you in person! But how nice it would be to have a good, face-to-face chat with you. This post has made my day. Thank you!

  8. Adorable quilt Julia...'Spot' will always be a favourite :o)
    Happy New Year xx


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