Thursday, December 13

Making a Baby Quilt....hmm!.

I want to make a baby, not for anyone in the family,  I'm just playing with some baby fabrics that I have on hand...
The blue with white stars pinwheels look a lot brighter here than they really are....that's from my terrible lack of photo skills and touch ups!..
I'm thinking perhaps they will be too much and over power the quilt, I want to keep it fairly simple and easy to's for my dear neighbours first grandson, they have been so good to us over the years that we have been neighbours...
Maybe have less pinwheels scattered among the simple 5" squares... or change tack all together and do a split nine patch...
Will have to think this through a bit more...
We had a terrible storm the other scary, thunder and lightning all night, I lost my computer modem, had a terrible time getting back online...
What happened to summer....crazy weather!
Stay safe where ever you are...♥


  1. Have fun playing with your options. The inspiration will come.

  2. Sometimes, even though there is nothing "wrong" with a design, it just doesn't *click* for us--in spite of people telling us it looks fine (which this does).
    As Elyte said, if you keep playing with it you will find what works for you. Those are cute fabrics and I think the pinwheels are fun!

  3. I'm not a quilter. I think it looks wonderful! Glad you got your modem back, and that the storm didn't destroy it! Take care!


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