Monday, December 17

Free Download...logcabins

Last week I was contacted by Fons and Porter to review their free download on Log cabin quilts...
                                                         "Build Your Best Logcabin"

I have read through the book several times and I really love it.
It's a great book for anyone , who like me wants to make a log cabin quilt. This book is sure to inspire anyone who dreams of making a log cabin quilt....just the gentle push I need to get started on one...
I printed off the book and separated it into the individual quilt designs...There's all the above plus more...
When one thinks of a Log cabin quilt, it's usually the "traditional" block / quilt, but I loved how the book has so many options and variations of the Log cabin block and the different settings for the block.
 I would never have thought to use Batiks for a log cabin quilt, but the "On the Dark Side" quilt is stunning. The setting of this quilt looks more (dare I say) modern / contemporary... I really had to look to see that it was Log cabin.....See  first top picture..
There is so much in the 24 page book, project level rating for each pattern, great easy to read and follow instructions. I particularly love the way the cutting chart is set out, with precise cutting sizes and amounts for each fabric and colour strips for different size blocks.
This quilt by Ricky Timms
Great tips and easy to follow step by step tutorials through out the book. Bobbin work with Trapunto looks amazing and beautiful.
There are several quilts in the book that I have fallen in love with, and will have to make. Each pattern / design was a lovely surprise and inspiring.

Pop on over to download your  free book.......enjoy...♥


  1. Thank you for letting us know about this! I'll definitely be heading over there to download the book.

    Season's Greetings to you and yours. :)

  2. Hey you just reminded me to print it out! I downloaded a couple of days ago....thanks!

  3. That was easy. It took more time for the Fons and Porter website to show up than it did for me to download and save the entire Log Cabin e-book. Quick and simple process, and a couple versions have gone on my list to make.
    Thanks for the information and the link, Julia.

  4. I downloaded it, too. Great little book! So many fun log cabin projects--and it's free! What a bargain. : )

  5. thank you Julia, I just downloaded the Free Book. Love the info in it and will definitely make one of the patterns. So informative.

  6. Thanks for the review. Love getting something for free!

  7. Oh wonderful!! I love log cabins but haven't made one yet!! Thanks for the heads up!!


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