Sunday, November 25

Spring Harvest, Dresden's .....updates

Well, it's still spring for another 5 days.... I thought it was about time I at least got this top I've been designing to a flimsie stage while it is still spring...
I can't remember when I did actually start designing this top, but I put it away when family life had to take first priority...not that it still doesn't, it's just that I have a bit more time now...
Note to myself.... I love to design as I go, but have not always written down measurements when designing...taken notes of sizes etc...
I didn't do that and now found I had forgotten cutting I had to remeasure everything as I put together the first block again....
Just a few more blocks to make then I'll think whether it needs another border or just finish it off with green binding......♥
Back to my Vintage Dresden's...
Love these....I have two more blocks nearly done, not sure yet how big I'll make this quilt.
I think it would look lovely on my bed...I guess that answers my question!
I can't decide whether to do half blocks in the setting tri's or just leave them in the plain background muslin and do a nice hand-quilting design in them..
Have a great what you love to do!....♥


  1. looking great! Loving your Dresden progress......much quicker than mine!

  2. I love the Spring Harvest quilt and even have some of that center toile fabric. I often design as I go to and have trouble keeping track of measurements. Glad to know I am not alone :-)

  3. Lovely antique looking Spring Harvest. I enjoy playing with little designs and even when I write down measurements and instructions I don't always understand them when I reread them.
    The dresden's are coming along very nicely and they will look lovely decorating your bed.

  4. Both of your quilts are beautiful Julia, but the Dresden's know my sox off! Which ever way you decide to finish the setting triangles, I'm sure it will be just right.

  5. I just love medallion quilts and this one is gorgeous. I always start my designs by writing down cutting information but then get so swept up in the process that I forget - I can certainly relate to having to remeasure everything! Take care.

  6. It looks like the spring quilt is just about there and it looks lovely. The dresdens are so pretty, I love the variation and can't, wait or see how you finish the sides off.

  7. That is a beautiful Spring quilt. I love that center piece you have designed around.
    I get myself in trouble with my design-as-you-go attitude. : )
    The Dresdens will be lovely on your bed. Under something that pretty you would surely have sweet dreams!

  8. Your design is just beautiful Julia! I also love the colors you selected. WOW.

  9. both lovely quilts your working on........


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