Wednesday, November 14

Sandy Quilt Block Drive....

Michelle at the Quilting Gallery is hosting a block and/or quilt drive for
people affected by Hurricane Sandy.....Can you help?

Although being so far away, there's not much I can do to help from Australia, but I can contribute a few quilt blocks.
Here are the six I have made for the cause....great for using up some bright  happy fabrics...
The blocks will be wonky log cabin, comforting warm quilts, that will help bring some joy and cheer people up.....Just a nice way of letting them know we are thinking of them.....

  A tutorial is supplied. Here is how the blocks will be made up. ....and isn't that little helper a cutie...Just look at that little face, it's as if he's asking for your help....

                                           Until next time...have a great day....♥


  1. Wonderful idea for how we can help, whether across the continent or the world!

  2. Thanks for the link, Julia. Tutorial is simple, leaves room for error and accommodates different block makers. Hopefully this will be an overwhelmingly successful drive. I'll be doing my part.

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