Friday, November 2

Quilting the General...

SS and I have been playing...we had a great day yesterday quilting the last of the blocks and the  sashings..
Oh, I really struggled on what to quilt in the sashings...after a few attempts of different designs, and a bit of unpicking, I settled for this design...This is the only design that seemed to suit and tie in with the rest of the quilting...
It's from the same stencil that I used for the blocks, I just used one side of the fitted in nicely, so this one it was...
Not sure that you can see the quilting on the back too well, too much light.... but it looks lovely on the back too...actually shows up better on the back.
Just the outside border to quilt now....
SS is an amazing free motion sewing machine....I know I could not have done this quilting without her....I just need to try out other designs now...and I know... PRACTICE practice, practice...
All I want for Christmas, is more time....♥


  1. i just sent you an email with a link to a video for you to watch.

  2. Good "thinking outside the box" with your stencil, Julia.
    I need to put together a stencil order and make sure this one is on it. Looks great!

  3. That looks like so much fun Julia and your quilting is turning out beautiful!

  4. Just look at this wonderful quilting! It's very special, Julia. Time and practice are the keys, aren't they? You should be very proud of yourself!
    Hugs and a couple pats on the back across the miles from one Sweet 16 owner to another.

  5. You are doing really well. Keep up the good work. The quilt is looking lovely.

  6. well, I think you did a wonderful job. I can see now that you are going to be "cranking" out the quilts.......beautiful.....

  7. You are one determined lady and I knew you would crack it. The General is very nicely turned out, all he needed was some love and attention.

  8. what a wonderful quilt!!!! you out did youself. the best way to learn is to GO FOR IT.....Beautiful. lovin it

  9. Hey, I missed this post!! Ah Huh! Stencils! I must try some of these!! You did an awesome job!!


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