Saturday, November 3


He's finished...phew!
What a lot of quilting...I know there's no way I could have done all this quilting on my other domestic machines....
While it's not show quality quilting, I'm very happy with the finished quilt....
It's been a fun learning curve....SS lived up to her reputation, she was amazing to work with....the stitch regulator made such a difference and was worth every cent for me...
I played around a bit and did swirls in the Jacobs Ladder border...and simple scallop's in the inner cream border...
You might like to check out Carla Barrett's tut on how she does the swirls...Big thank you to Leeanne of Quiltmekiwi blog...who sent me the link, I found it to be a great help....Ok, I still need to practice lots more.
Hope your having a nice day...I'm off to piece some more on the zig-zag quilt....♥


  1. Thanks to you and Leeanne for the link to Carla's tutorial. Very helpful.
    Your quilt looks great, Julia! Doesn't it feel good to have done it yourself? I agree with you--I don't know how quilters do large quilts on a domestic machine. I love my 16" of harp space!

  2. looks great! hey you got the link to work....that's great.

  3. I love this finish and you have done lovely quilting on it. hugs

  4. Looks great Julia - seems only yesterday you started. You have put so much effort into this challenge, I am so happy you are happy, lol!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  5. Well done, persistence and practice (and a stitch regulator) pay off. Lovely result.

  6. Very nice and so exciting to have a finish!

  7. Congratulation! A wonderful finish.

    Best wishes Manuela

  8. Hello from Turkey,

    Your blog is super! I following you with pleasure.

  9. I love this quilt. It is a wonderful finish,.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  10. Beautiful!! I love the fabrics and colors in this one!

  11. Most handsome. Well done to you.

  12. Such a lovely quilt!
    Congratulations on the finish!


  13. I LOVE this quilt!!! Your quilting is WONDERFUL...I can see FEATHERS and scallops and swirls!! You go girl!! Hey, how did you get your scallops so even?? Come on spill...

  14. This is a fine finish dear Julia! I've enjoyed every step ~

  15. Nice work thank you for the sharing and just keep it up.

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  16. Good for you to have accomplished a whole quilt - and so pretty! - on your new machine. I hope you get the time you want, for Christmas, to keep up with all the projects in your head!


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