Monday, October 15

Sweet Susie and I are Friends...

Well, I think Sweet Susie and I are at last bonding...
A bit hard to see here, but we have been playing and with the help of a stencil and the Tru Stitch Regulator, feathers are being stitched....yes I ended up purchasing the stitch regulator...and I must say for me, it was worth every cent...I love it!
As much as I practiced... my hands just would not move as even and consistent as I would have liked. If it wasn't going to be perfect, I would not have been happy..and I might not have used SS to it's full advantage.
With each feather stitched, the confidence grew...I started very slowly at first and now I can move around the quilt with ease...with the stitch per inch set and the cruise control on, it was so much fun...yes, it even has a cruise control, just like my Zoom Zoom car...
Off to play some more....♥


  1. glad you have found a friend!

  2. Well done, once you have bonded, you'll be rushing to get your quilting done. Healthy apprehension is a good thing, it takes time to get to know the machine.

  3. What a great mate to have! your feathers look lovely.

  4. awesome, I knew you could do it....
    the feathers look great. Now, there's no stopping you. I can see many many quilts getting finished on Sweet Susie!!!!!

  5. I am glad you like the stitch regulator and that it is making things better for you. I think I had been working with my HQ16 just long enough that when they came out with the stitch regulator it felt too different to me. I was better off without it--I had already formed my habits. : )
    Oh, I like your feathers. I have been debating whether or not to get that stencil--it goes so well with the round hooked feather wreath. Now I can see it stands on its own quite well, too!

  6. Well done Julia. You and your new friend are proving to be a good match and I knew you would master it. Looks pretty good to me.

  7. You and Sweet Susie will make a formidable team. I really like this pattern, soft and blue, very pretty.

  8. I'm so happy that you and Sweet Susie are bonding and forming a great friendship. Your quilting looks just wonderful, Julia, and it sounds like the stitch regulator was a wise purchase. I may add it to mine some day, but for now, I'm just working on making my stitches as even as I can. (seldom reaching that goal)

    Wishes from me to you for years and years of happy quilting with your new best friend.


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