Thursday, October 11

Stash Busting...

I thought that while I'm hand-piecing my Vintage Dresden's, I would also do some stash busting on the Pfaff sewing machine....she was looking very left out and lonely...
I'd like to make a table topper for a new dining table, something simple, quick and easy....

Not sure which way to go...zig-zag...
                                                                     or pyramids...
I used my GO cutter to cut the tri's....I can't remember when I last used the GO cutter, so it was fun to play with it again....
To cut all these tri's....
I stash busted through this big tub of repro scraps....only to end up with another..
smaller tub of more scraps...yes, that's it, scraps from there no end to scraps!
I really would love to buy some new fabrics....but really need to use up more of my stash to make room for new stash fabrics....
Are you stash busting too?.....♥


  1. Have you heard of the scrap vomit quilt Julia ? I am currently making one just to use up some scraps - they are never ending :-) xx

  2. I am busting too! there are so many scrappy ideas! I know so many people that are busting imagine all the scrappy quilts that will be documented in the next 100 years!

  3. Hello
    Trying to. Guess what had to buy some fabric to help me use up stash!

  4. Glad to see that you had some time to play. Yep those scraps seem to shrink in size but grow in volume. It could be never ending!

  5. I want to use my Go Baby! wow what quick work of those scraps. Looks like you are having so much fun! I think I like the Zig Zag best....

  6. You put those scraps to good use. It's impossible to throw anything away, isn't it.

    I have the same thing with yarn - boxes of orphan balls of yarn left from larger projects. They go together to make Cat in the Hat inspired patchwork sweaters and scraps left from that make great turtle shells. Smaller than that become stuffing. ;)

  7. The more we sew the more we make. I am sure they reproduce overnight whilst we sleep. I may have to stay up and try and catch them out.

  8. Whichever way you use your triangles, I'm sure it will be pretty. I keep trying to use up scraps, but then I always need to buy just a little more of that color or more of this one for sashing, etc., etc.! It never does seem to make the pile smaller. Sometimes I'm tempted to give them all away, but then I think of the bits of my favorites that are in the mix that I can't buy anymore, and I can't part with them. Silly, huh?
    Interesting--we both piece on Pfaffs and quilt on HQ Sweet 16s. : )

  9. I'm going to a retreat in a few days and have cut 3 projects to take along. Everything is cut from scraps. I'm happy I didn't have to buy anything but feel guilty that I have so much I didn't need to buy anything. Of course this didn't even make a dent in the my scraps or fabric stash.

  10. I'm saving up for a Go Baby and the Tumbler Die and then it's "look out scraps!" :)


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