Wednesday, October 24

Eye computer...arghh!

Phew...what a job, trying to set up a new computer..
My old computer kept shutting down...couldn't stand it any longer, so out I went with Dear GD in tow for help and advice.....if you need tech help ask a teenager!
So here I am trying to work this thing out.....oh I hate change!
OK...only took me 2 hours to get these photos up....I ended up having to do them through Picasa
Above is a dear Tuesday patchwork friend Margaret's gorgeous work....isn't it lovely....
This is the back....
...and this lovely quilt....sorry I can't remember what the design is called....
...and this is the back. I'm really in awe of quilters who can get pieced backs like this so even and lined up perfectly....
Beautiful work Margaret...thank you for permission to show your lovely quilts....♥

Please forgive me if I don't reply straight away...I'm still trying to work this laptop out.
 Outlook Express doesn't work on here with Windows7...I think I'll need to use

Another thing....I  have links to adds popping up everywhere on my laptop blog screen....arghhh...need to get that sorted it...doesn't show up on my old computer....arghhh!

Hope this works!!....


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely quilts with us. Best wishes with the new computer. Love, Mildred

  2. Oh no my computer is doing the same thing and I am almost at the end of my tether :( can't afford to replace it yet though. Best f Luke with your new laptop hugs

  3. I am no good at new computers. Each time we have to upgrade I lose some skill level because I can't figure out all the "new" stuff!
    It is a puzzle how people get their pieced backs so well centered. I recall someone showing me once and I can remember they marked centers of the edges of the back and top with pins and matched them up somehow, but I never tried it, so I can't remember details.

  4. i hear you hang in there you soon will be used to it.

  5. The wolfs are so nice. This quilt is fantastic.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. I hope you get the computer problems under control. Wow, how did we live without them? The quilt with the various angle lines reminds me of modern buildings we've seen.

  7. Sorry cannot help, very untech savy here...I ask the guy in the shop, but can generally only understand half the half! Love the back on the cross quilt as much as I love the front!

  8. Persevere Julia, we might hate change but it is here to stay. As soon as we get used to something, guaranteed that it will change. Keeps our brains exercised.

  9. Me thinks you should have bought a Mac! I love mine and will never go back to Windows.

  10. Ditto to the comments about hating change. I use a computer for work, and every time a program is updated or a change is made--we hold onto our hats and assume the worst.
    Stay strong!! Keep a stiff upper lip and just snarl at the computer if it's not behaving. YOU WILL WIN !!


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