Wednesday, September 5

I'm quilting with Sweet Susie...

I got tired of practicing on small sandwiches...I bit the bullet, pinned my Kandy Kisses quilt top and started quilting it..
Now it's not spectacular, ribbon winning feathers or anything like that, but I'm  pretty happy so far...
I settled for loops and double hearts...that's what I felt the most comfortable with when I was practicing..
My new quilting gloves arrived in the mail today so it was a good time to make a start on it..they certainly make it a lot easier to move the fabric over the machine..
The quilting doesn't show up here, but isn't this a pretty fabric...
I'm about 1/3 through quilting on this top...time for a coffee break, even with Sweet Susie it's quite tiring...


  1. Everyone has to start somewhere Julia and it will be finished soon and you can chalk it up to experience and move on to the next one. You always choose such lovely fabrics.

  2. Very pretty fabrics and so nice to see you have bitten the bullet and I'm sure yu will become 'professional' ver quickly!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  3. I am sure it will look great and you must be pleased to not have to pull and tug it through your domestic machine! happy quilting, Sue SA.

  4. Well done with your machine quilting. This opens a whole new area of creativity for you. Have fun.

  5. You go girl! Love it.. Practice some then go for it. One of my mottos "Go For It" along with my best Motto. "It doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be finished"......what probably took you less than 8 hours to quilt this baby. I am so proud of you,
    keep going.

  6. It must be Wonderful to have the Quilter long as you are happy with your quilting that's all that matters.

  7. Atta girl! You are doing great!!!

  8. A huge smile and a loud "HURRAH" sent all the way from Iowa to you, Julia. Taking the first step with a real quilt can create a few butterflies, but before long you won't remember any other way to machine quilt.
    Yes, it can be tiring. I like doing shoulder shrugs and any other relaxing, stretching exercise I can think of to unwind.
    You're a star, Julia!! Onward!!

  9. Vivian sent me the link to your blog. I bought my HQ Sweet 16 in February and her review of her machine is what got me thinking in that direction.
    Congrats on starting a "real" quilt. It is a big step--I just barely did my first bed quilt last month. I've been doing runners and baby quilts. At first it was very tiring and so different from dealing with the little pieces I had done. As I got toward the end of the bed quilt I remember thinking "This is fun." What a satisfying feeling to do your own quilt from start to finish without spending months (or in my case, years) to finish it with hand quilting.
    I'm cheering for you all the way from Utah!

  10. great going, aren't the quilting gloves good!


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