Wednesday, September 19

Hussif making

I need to make a gift for someone special...
...what do you make for a quilter,, who already has a stash and makes amazing quilts?
I thought perhaps a lovely Hussif might just be the thing..above is the front of one I have just started.
 I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing SRE....
Hussif is a little sewing kit, that dates back to the Victorian times...nannies carried them to do little sewing repairs as needed and during the war soldiers were also given one to attend to any small repairs like sewing  buttons back on.. etc
Ok, now I'm showing off a bit, but here's a beautiful glasses case I made a few years ago. I came across a Glo-mesh glasses case my mother had while going through her things after she passed away, I thought it would be a lovely keepsake to make something from the frame, so I carefully pulled the frame off the mesh links and made this SRE glasses case... 
..and here is the very first Hussif I made myself, I don't use it very much as it's a bit big.
It folds up into four sections. I have been meaning to make myself a smaller one, but just never got around to it...

I have a Hussif tutorial for your own personal the bottom of my sidebar if you would like to make one for yourself...
I know that there are many hussif's out there on the net and I would just like to say, the tutorial  hussif is entirely all my design from start to finish.
I designed this hussif to be a nice practical size, simple, but elegant, with pockets to hold all the essential things a quilter / sewer  needs to carry...enjoy...♥


  1. Beautiful creations, Julia! You are a talented woman.

  2. You have such exquisite skills Julia! Only you can create something more beautiful than the past.

  3. That glasses case is just beautiful! And I treasure the Hussif that you sent to me. It's one of my prized possessions! :0)

  4. The Hussif would be a gift to treasure, made in your unique style.

  5. How do you pronounce Hussif? "HUSS if" or "hoos EEF" or something different?
    I'm a word person, am curious about the pronunciation and background of words, and the pronunciation of this one is hiding from me. I can't find it online. I've read about the connection to "housewife" and I found a fascinating, lengthy blog article about the hussif at

    Yours is so beautiful, and some day I'll follow your tutorial and make one for myself.

  6. Очень красивые вещи. Вы молодец!


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